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I write about programming, leadership, mentoring, and hiring.

Hi, there!
Here is my short and late July update.
In July I completed four books:
* Outwitting the Devil — it’s a great book about dealing with fear, our biggest life enemy. Highly recommended.
* Company of One – an awesome book for freelancers or those who need the motivation to start his/her own business. I relate to ideas in this book so much! The key to a better life is working for yourself, determining your own hours, and staying small, yet profitable.
* The Smarter Screen – a book about cognitive biases in UX context. Great book, well-written and backed by solid research. As an avid reader of paper books, I enjoyed this piece:
The results of this study indicate that reading linear narrative texts on a computer screen leads to poorer reading comprehension than reading the same texts on paper.
* The Little Book of Hygge – Hygge is a defining characteristic of Danish culture. It’s the Danish art of creating coziness at home and at work. I think the book’s content could be squeezed to fit an article.

Hygge Java Developer
Hygge Java Developer
* Long Names Are Long – a pretty good article about code naming.
* Fast Software, the Best Software – on the benefits of speedy software, and how it affects user perception of engineering quality and overall usability
* OOP – The Trillion Dollar Disaster – (I don’t agree with the author and believe that OOP is not to blame. We just don’t do OOP right)
* Rebuilding Slack on the Desktop – how Slack re-wrote their desktop app from scratch.
* What is is like to be a dev in Iran – this one is really refreshing.
My upcoming training
🎓 Effective Java Software Design on 26–27 Sep in Riga. I updated my course to support Java 13 additions, because Java 13 is also released in September, just before the training. Text blocks and switch expressions are pretty awesome. I also added new demos with ArchUnit and Failsafe libraries. 2 seats left here.
🎓 The Principal Developer on 3–4 Oct in Riga. Experienced developers, team leaders and CTOs are gathering to learn about development processes, engineering practices mentoring. 3 seats left here.
🎓 DevTernity on 6–7 Dec in Riga. All workshop have been announced and it’s the best time to buy tickets. (■■■■■■□□□□ 60% sold)
Eduards Sizovs 👨🏻‍💻
Although screen size and resolution have changed to fit more information, nothing has changed in human cognition. Make code brain-sized, not screen-sized. 🧠
Eduards Sizovs 👨🏻‍💻
Books that have changed my life:
1️⃣ The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – how to find harmony
2️⃣ Nonviolent Communication – how to deal with people
3️⃣ Company of One – how to run a business
4️⃣ Antifragile – how to thrive in the ever-changing world
5️⃣ Atlas Shrugged – how to be strong
Eduards Sizovs 👨🏻‍💻
Java fault tolerance libraries, listed in the order of my preference:
1️⃣ Failsafe
2️⃣ Resilience4j
3️⃣ Hystrix

#java #jvm #scala #kotlin
Eduards Sizovs 👨🏻‍💻
❤️ A tool to help eliminate NullPointerExceptions (NPEs) in your Java code with low build-time overhead:
Enjoy the summer and stay in touch!
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