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I write about programming, leadership, mentoring, and hiring.

Hi there!
Here is a quick recap of what happened to me since the last newsletter.
🇳🇱 A month ago I returned from a long trip to Koh Samui, where I lived from March to September. Samui is a paradise and I highly recommend visiting it you prefer solitude and calm to parties. Everything was perfect, except one thing: the warm and humid climate makes it really hard to work productively and reach the state of flow. So, my usual 10 hours of productivity turned into 3 hours. On the other hand, reduced work hours forced me to set priorities better.
I wrote three blog posts:
I started using LinkedIn as an alternative to Twitter – I am posting my thoughts 5-7 times a week, and they get quite a lot of traction. The comments and conversations are quite interesting, too. I want to use this opportunity to thank everybody who is engaging with my posts, even if you disagree with some of them :-)
I have updated my training list. Six new 2-day workshops are now available:
I am offering both remote and on-site 2-day training courses. You can hire me to run a training for your team(s). Check out the full list on DevChampions.
Selling my apartment
I am selling my cozy apartment in 🇱🇻 Riga. Before I buy a new place, I’ll be a homeless digital nomad, living and renting on Airbnb. My first rental destination will be Tallinn, so there is a high chance of seeing me in some good Estonian coffee shop.

Some of my Tweets
Eduards Sizovs
How some companies understand software craftsmanship:

* We don't use CI. Every build is a unique build, carefully crafted on our passionate developers' machines. This allows us to ship software that continuously surprises our customers.
Eduards Sizovs
* We don't write tests. Our master developers cherry-pick only the most important pieces of functionality and test them manually, with love. This leads to beautiful bugs that would be otherwise hard to produce.
Eduards Sizovs
* We don't refactor. We let technical debt grow naturally, so our software takes unique and beautiful shapes beyond the comprehension and appreciation of a regular developer.
Eduards Sizovs
For many delivery teams, tests are the second priority. Most design efforts are spent on “production” code: tests are either low quality, shallow, or don’t exist at all. This is a capital mistake.
Eduards Sizovs
Remember: good tests are as important as production code. In the long-run, good tests are *more* important than the ever-changing production code. Prioritize wisely.
Eduards Sizovs
Refactoring is a continuous process, where developers keep the system in good shape, in order to ensure fast and uninterrupted response to business requests.
Eduards Sizovs
A scheduled activity, when business development is put on halt, and developers resurrect the system from dead after months of cutting corners is not refactoring. It's a fuckup.
Wrap up
All right my friends, that’s all I have today. If I can help you somehow – let me know. Stay in touch and keep positive vibes!
Example of F*ck COVID smile
Example of F*ck COVID smile
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